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a beautiful documentary about water.

Do you remember the scene in the french movie Amelie where babies are floating in water? I saw a documentary this past weekend that, at certain times, made me feel a lot like I did the first time I saw these swimming babies.
Watermark is the documentary I’m talking about. It’s about the beauty and importance of water. You can view the trailer here. The directors of the film, Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky, spent time all over the world–from Colorado to the Ganges–so they could follow different cultures and capture their livelihoods in relation to water. The scenes move between poignant interviews and panoramic views. It really made me think about how we use water and are affected by it throughout our lives. It’s playing at the Music Box Theatre through Thursday (a great place to catch a film btw). You can also check this list to see when it’s coming near you.

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