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the joy (dread) of feeding our family.

Some weeks are definitely easier when it comes to feeding our family.
At times I feel very inspired. Recipes from here get me excited to cook, even if I’m altering ingredients a little bit. I also love thumbing through this cookbook, which I’ve had forever. Most of the time, though, it kind of stresses me out. I feel guilty even saying that. But food shopping and cooking get very tiresome. Especially with picky eaters. I’m not even great about feeding myself. My husband, Tim, says I’m like a teenager. It’s true. While I love food, I really just need to be sustained. I do the best with choices, but I don’t sweat it. If that means cereal for dinner, that’s fine. I even eat standing up. But that doesn’t really work for a whole family. So I just try and find inspiration wherever I can get it. The New York Times is a great place for that. Reading about food always gives me ideas and a push forward mentally. Usually, if I wait it out, the desire to be in the kitchen returns. In the meantime, there is (thankfully) pizza.

{Photo credit: Eric Helgas in this article from The New York Times Magazine, March 28, 2014.}

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