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role model: emma watson.

If you happen to catch the latest issue of Porter (Net-A-Porter’s fashion/shop/style mag) there’s a great interview with Emma Watson to check out. Watson has been one to watch in our house lately — Orlagh (and Iris, just a little bit) saw the first few Harry Potter movies over Thanksgiving break and can’t get enough of the darling and daring Hermione Granger. I love the role model status she’s taken on in our home and have long admired her. A few clips from the piece, if you’re interested:

a beautiful documentary about iris apfel.

Iris Apfel, the fashion icon, is known for wearing large round glasses. They sit, like an elegant punctuation mark, on her face. When you see her in magazines, on beauty blogs, even as a tattoo! the glasses are her most characteristic feature. Perhaps because she’s a chameleon when it comes to her sense of fashion, the glasses, I think, are what people tend to hold on to when featuring or honoring her.

courage. happiness. peace.

Among the 200-500 word content teacups that so often sustain our everyday news and social media feeds, there are longer-form gems that are really worth the pause. I came to Eva Holland‘s piece, “Unclimbable,” through a NYT What We’re Reading email blast. It’s a personal narrative by the author, who writes about a circle of climbers who wish to ascend The Lotus Flower Tower in Canada. I am not a climber. But tales of the climb and of the courage and perseverance of those who do, have always drawn me in. This piece, in particular, taught me something new about how we view our successes and failures. I won’t spoil it here. But if you’ve 10 minutes, you might really enjoy this.

do you thrift?

Every time I walk into a vintage clothing shop, or peruse a flea market, the unspoken promise of finding something unique always makes my heart skip a beat. Walking alongside the racks is daunting to me though. I love the idea of vintage. I’m just never sure how to shop it.