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role model: emma watson.

If you happen to catch the latest issue of Porter (Net-A-Porter’s fashion/shop/style mag) there’s a great interview with Emma Watson to check out. Watson has been one to watch in our house lately — Orlagh (and Iris, just a little bit) saw the first few Harry Potter movies over Thanksgiving break and can’t get enough of the darling and daring Hermione Granger. I love the role model status she’s taken on in our home and have long admired her. A few clips from the piece, if you’re interested:

On her style sense: “ … recently my willingness to wear something that makes me freezing cold or that I can’t walk in has changed. I want to feel fabulous and comfortable and sexy and strong and beautiful. And if it’s making you uncomfortable, don’t do it. It’s so sad if you need to go home just because you need to sit down!”

On being authentic: “… the women I really admire are the ones you feel you’re getting something truthful from. It sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but I’m very interested in truth, in finding ways to be messy and unsure and flawed and incredible and great and my fullest self, all wrapped into one. When you watch the work of someone like actress Emma Thompson, you feel like you’re seeing something true, and I aspire to that.”

And her life advice for young women: “Sit with the discomfort. Don’t run away from it. Lean into it, take your time with it. So many people jump into things just because they can’t stand the discomfort of not knowing.”

There’s so much more in the interview, written by Brit documentarian Lucy Walker, and it’s all really meaningful and fun. There’s also a tribute to 100 women game changers. :) Take a glimpse.

{Photo credit: Porter magazine, Winter 2015.}

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