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a beautiful documentary about iris apfel.

Iris Apfel, the fashion icon, is known for wearing large round glasses. They sit, like an elegant punctuation mark, on her face. When you see her in magazines, on beauty blogs, even as a tattoo! the glasses are her most characteristic feature. Perhaps because she’s a chameleon when it comes to her sense of fashion, the glasses, I think, are what people tend to hold on to when featuring or honoring her.

begin again.

In March, a trailer for the movie Begin Again made its way into my inbox. I watched it. Then waited patiently for four more months for it to make its way into theaters. It just opened in Chicago and I couldn’t get a babysitter fast enough so that Tim and I could go see it.

do you ever find yourself talking like jon favreau?

Sometimes I notice that after I’ve seen a movie with Jon Favreau (love him), I take on his very familiar lilt. Last Friday, his new movie, Chef, opened in Chicago. And while I don’t usually get to something on opening day, for this, I went right away. It was so good. It spoke to the theme of love in its many iterations: love between a parent and a child, love between former lovers, friend love, and of course, tremendous food love. Check it out.