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temperance beer co.

I’ll never pretend to know much about a beer beyond its pretty label, but after a visit to this place I just might change my mind. Temperance Beer Company is a taproom and brewery housed in a former warehouse space in Evanston. Although it opened over the winter, I was thrilled to be checking it out the first couple of times during some of the nicest summer days in Chicago.

brunch in logan square.

Years ago I got to live in one of my favorite apartments in the city through the kindness of my older brother. Mostly, I occupied the living room. But it was huge and bright, and he let me take it over while I finished graduate school. Though we were both kind of busy at the time, it was comforting to come home, make dinner together some nights, and talk and hang out like we did when we were kids. The apartment bordered the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square. While I was staying there, I had gone to a place called Lula Cafe for breakfast and loved the meal very much. It was really nice to check it out again just days ago and walk the square. Their brunch is still inspiring these many years later.

a perfect pairing: bikes & coffee.

After months of not seeing the sun, being able to enjoy it on the way to this urban general store felt so good! Like any city where getting on a bike everyday is as normal as buying a tony cup of coffee, Heritage Bicycles makes the marriage of the two especially welcoming.

coffee, please.

If I need a change of pace from my bedroom or the kitchen table when I’m writing, I like to head to a coffee shop. And let me tell you, I’ve been spending a lot of time in coffee shops this long winter. Sometimes, I’ll steal an hour in one after I drop the kids off at school. Or I’ll try to meet up with a friend. Lately, even at night, a coffeehouse seems like a better choice than the usual spots to go for a drink. Maybe it’s the buzz of conversation, the comforting smells, or the food (made by other people I might add). But aside from going on a run, spending time in a coffee shop is probably one of the nicest and cheapest forms of therapy in my book.