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touching strangers.

I stumbled across a photo series this past week that really intrigued me.
It’s Touching Strangers, the photos by Richard Renaldi. Renaldi traveled the country taking portraits of total strangers he asked to pose for him in intimate ways: in an embrace, as a family unit, like old friends. You can see more of them here.

I’ve always been content in a sea of strangers, especially in city life. At any given moment, I can step out of my idyll home space and into whatever is happening beyond the door and know that something will be different each time: the passersby, the patterns of cars, the dogs on leashes. (Or birds! I passed a man walking his parrot once.) Add to this the weather…people’s moods…to me, it’s a thick soup of comfort.

These photos capture the randomness and the connectivity so beautifully. What do you think? I can’t help but go back to them time and again, and I notice something different each visit. Makes for a pretty book too.

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