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deep down dark.

I’m always taking notes about books I want to read. (Whether or not I get to read them is a story for another day.) This book, about the Chilean miners trapped underground for days, is where I’ll be spending any free time over the holidays. Written by novelist and journalist, Hector Tobar, it has been described as a nonfiction account that reads like a thriller. Author Ann Patchett calls it the best book this year for NPR’s new book club. An excerpt from the interview:

The book also stands out, Patchett says, because of Tobar’s beautiful and thoughtful writing. “He’s taking on all of the big issues of life,” she says. “What is life worth? What is the value of one human life? What is faith? Who do we become in our darkest hour?”

She also says in the interview that it’s one of only a few books that has ever made her cry. I can’t wait to tuck into it. And if Amazon’s “Look inside” isn’t enough to swing you, check out this book review, if you like.

Hope you are making it okay through the holiday prep. The movement of our Elf on the Shelf alone has been getting our little ones out of bed on time–even early–every school day, and for this alone, I am thankful. Happy Friday.

{Deep Down Dark, a novel by Hector Tobar.}

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