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olivia munn.

When it gets like this–a rush of family life, a new writing assignment, an occasional meet-up with a friend–things I love to read pile up.

I’m not talking about online reads. I’m talking about glossies. Vogue, Elle, Fast Company, WNY Times Magazine, they all come to our door. I put them aside, often for months, until I have a couple of days to binge-read.

One of those sessions just happened and I have to say, it felt so good.

This girl took up quite a few pages. You may remember her from the film, “Magic Mike,” as the girlfriend (no, not that girlfriend, the other one). But I have loved watching her most recently as Sloan Sabbith on the HBO series, “The Newsroom.” BTW: it starts its third and final season in a couple of weeks. Her geek-chic character is very compelling, especially for someone like me, who did not do well in econ. And she can spout Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue like Kristen Wiig’s fast-talking SNL persona, Judy Grimes.

Seeing her answer these 73 questions is especially fun, though the whole series is worth a watch. If you like.

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween.

{Photo credit: Olivia Munn in Vogue, August 2014.}

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