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street style.

It’s Friday. Every Friday I start looking forward to our Sunday delivery of The New York Times.
I’m usually the first one awake, maybe trying to squeeze in a run, so as I pass it on the front lawn, I’ll toss it up to the stoop so it’s just that much closer.

What I pluck first? Usually SundayReview or SundayStyles. But one thing I love most is Bill Cunningham’s On the Street, the photo spread dedicated to what New York women are wearing. The collage of how people are dressing, in real life, is so intriguing. Especially for someone like me, who lives in jeans and tees.

It reminds me of this new website on real world college fashion by Amy Levin. It’s filled with articles written by students on what influences their style, often by theme: what to wear when you meet for coffee, or for study group, or with a professor. Plus pages of campus style. It’s like the Rookie version of The Sartorialist.

Eye candy. Friday, Sunday, any day.

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