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lady luck.

Do you ever knock on wood?

I definitely do. Sometimes it embarrasses me how much I believe in it. If I’m around other people, I try to be inconspicuous about it. I might press my palm gently into a wood top table, or whatever is nearby. Or I’ll tap on my head in the absence of the real thing. There is something very beautiful in the audacity of luck-seeking. Like–hey–just knock and good luck will find you.

I’ve been relying on luck a lot lately. My car, a not so very old station wagon, has been acting up quite a bit this summer. And I love this car so much. It’s been around since we had our first child. And still fits our family just right since we’ve grown: two adults, two kids, one dog, zero wasted space.

So instead of considering a replacement, I have turned to luck. As in: (knock wood) please start. Or (knock wood) please stop making that sound. Or (knock wood) please just get me to camp pickup so my child is not the last one standing there. As she so often is. This last one could be cured by my being a better judge of time. But that’s another post for another day.

{Photo credit: Volkswagon vintage wallpaper, vdubnews.}


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