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tumbling through life and parenthood: two interviews worth reading.

I just read Vogue magazine’s February cover story on Lena Dunham. Very inspiring. Apart from Dunham’s many talents and hard-working nature, I think what is most appealing is her honesty. It comes through in her writing, her Girls’ character, Hannah Horvath, and here, in this interview.
She is grounded, articulate and hopeful, all rolled into one unconventional package.

What I especially appreciate is Dunham’s positive energy. As a young person who has gone through (and still does) those firsts in life that can either leave a person feeling vulnerable and silly, or informed and better for it, she seems to choose the latter.

Another interview that stuck with me is this one on parenting on NPR’s Fresh Air. Terry Gross talks to Jennifer Senior, the author of “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.” The book is titled after the notion that parenting is extraordinary, despite the many daily challenges that might get in the way of the joys of it. Senior discusses many interesting points gleaned from a variety of studies and her own interviews. One that stood out is about how women who stay at home today and are moms, are professional moms. These moms put everything into making the right choices for their kids: foods, toys, schools, and much more. An even greater challenge for today’s working moms who are professionals in two realms, at work and at home.

What I loved about this interview is that the tone is also incredibly upbeat. Women today are multi-tasking to amazing degrees and that is simply…just…life. And life’s good. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard.

Both interviews are refreshing. And so nice to stumble upon for anyone in the midst of the great and never-ending tumble of kids, partners, work, school, hobbies, eating and sleeping.

{Lena Dunham on Vogue’s February 2014 cover.}

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