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anniversary trip: nyc.

For our anniversary this year,  Tim and I decided to go away without the kids for the first time. Taking a vacation was something kind of new to me when we were just married. I grew up in Michigan and stayed there through college. I always traveled with my family and, mostly, by car. After moving to Chicago post-college for a job in advertising, I worked so much that when I did take time away I loved to bike around town, discovering each of the different Chicago neighborhoods.

girls’ weekend: nyc.

This past weekend I went to New York City with my friend, Sarah, for a girls’ trip. The last time we traveled together to Manhattan was two years ago for my birthday, which falls during the wintertime. So being able to go during some of the nicest summer days was pretty perfect. We’re happy travel companions and mainly stuck to walking, browsing, and taking in a few good meals.